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Mollie The Dog With A Blogger : How Hard Can it Be Looking After A Puppy!?! Mollie The Border Collie...

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Mollie The Border Collie...

Mollie has been really coming out of her shell this week.

Exploring the garden, playing with toys and running after everyone's feet.

She is such a little sweetie.

Mollie has also been poorly.


She has not been herself for a few days now!!

Hopefully back to her happy {and into everything} self very soon ...


Thursday, 25 June 2015

10 Things I've Learned From A 8 Week Old Sheepdog...

Mollie our new and adorable Border Collie puppy is definitely keeping me on my toes.

We have only had her a few days, yet it already feels like she has lived here a lot longer.

How clever are Border Collies!?! First day we had a few toilet accidents in the house then on only day 2 she started whining to be taken outside! Maybe because we bought her from a farmer and was used to being outside? (The Vet said farm puppies are easier to toilet train.)

    10 Things I've Learned From A 8 Week Old Sheepdog Puppy:
  1. There is more than one 2 o'clock in a day. {Yep and two 4 o'clocks and even two 6 o'clocks}. Saying this I got 7 hours sleep last night!!
  2. You can fall in puppy love and care so much for something you have only had a few days. {She is so sweet everyone loves her, who sees her.}.
  3. Running around the garden in your PJs in the middle of the night can be fun!  {Trying to tire her out for a few more hours sleep}.
  4. Everytime you speak to your puppy the words that come out sound like baby talk. {Good girl!! goo goo}. 
  5. A Border Collie can learn something straight away. {Day 2 whining to do her business, amazing!! still a few wee accidents though}.
  6. How quickly an 8 week old can be toilet trained. {Read no.5, hehe}.
  7. A puppy makes a good foot warmer. {Just stand in the same place for more than a few minutes e.g washing the pots and she comes and lays on them!}.
  8. You should never leave your shoes around. {The laces must be so tempting to chew on}.
  9. Every smell that is made in the house the can now be blamed on the dog!  {Boy can she trump!!}.
  10. She grows in confidence every day. {Day one she just sat quietly, now nobody's feet are safe!!}.
  • Mollie.
  • Border Collie. 
  • 8 weeks old.
  • Weight 4 Ib 2 oz.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Mollie The Collie :Puppy Diaries...

You know how I said yesterday I had some news to share? So we did it! Got ourselves an adorable puppy.

A 8 weeks old Border Collie. Meet Mollie the Collie. Wow, how hard work is it at first!?! If  I stand still for a minute I have a foot warmer.

If I leave her at night she wines the house down. If I turn my back for a second she leaves me a present. But she is so adorable!!

Not much time to blog now, I have a puppy waiting to play ;)
  • 8 weeks
  • 4lb 2oz

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Getting Prepared For A Puppy!!

Buying a few essentials 

Over the last few months we have been talking about getting a puppy. It feels like every hour of everyday someone mention puppies. We have decided up to yet we are having a girl dog and going to call her Mollie!

So sweet!! English Golden Retriever

First we thought a gorgeous Golden Labrador.

After reading everything about Labrador's and especially how big the grow we don't think this dog is right for us at this moment in time.

"My dream come true. a ballet recital! #dogs #pets #BichonFrises
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Then a pretty little Bichon Frise.

How beautiful are these!?!

Maybe a little too small for all of us!

A when my son is home there will be 6 people in the kitchen at dinner time, it will need to be a lot bigger to get attention. After reading about the Bichon it sounds as though these like lots of attention and she would need more haircut than me! Not fair on me, haha :)

Don't they just look adorable with their curls a pink bow in the middle of the hair though?

Its like a bunch of baby Nash's #dog #shepherd #animal
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Now we have decided on the perfect dog for us.

A Border Collier.

A dog to have fun with, train up to do all kind of fun tricks. How cool would it be learning her to do something for a showground event where you see all kinds of talented dogs?

Once she has grown big  she can also become my new running partner.

On the look out now for that special dog.

I have brought her some things, got her name picked (Mollie) we just need to buy her now!!.

 Do we choose Blue Merel, red and brown, tri colour or a traditional black and white one!?! I know as soon as we she her she will be the right choice.

I am now preparing my house to be puppy friendly. Buying everything we will need for her.

How hard work can a puppy be?

Stop by and see some of my fun puppy pins...

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