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Sunday, 30 August 2015


This photo of Mollie was taken about 4 weeks ago.

At the start of the Summer holidays.

She has already double in size since then!!

She loves to play football.

I can not believe where the time goes.

She is over 4 months old now..


Saturday, 29 August 2015

Mollie My Future Running Partner...

This week me and Mollie have been getting out every day running.

A few miles a day.

We start off with a little run, then stop, then walk, then run again.

With lots of little fusses off strangers and a stop to look at cars, as Mollie wants to round them up!!

She is going to be a great little running partner.

At the minute I run and she walks at the side of me..

One day I hope to be faster for her..


Thursday, 27 August 2015

Mollie In The Ball Pool..

A few ago on Sunday my husband has a rare day off work. What to do on a lazy sunny morning, when the shops are not open?

We decided to go and visit our local car boot sale. I have been asking him for a while to take me as I wanted to buy Mollie one of those cute little kids pop up tunnels. I fancy my hand at a spot of sheepdog agility training!

I thought I might be able to pick a few good things up from the boot sale and cheaper than the shops. 

First stall I came to had this medium round bag for sale, that just looked like the shape of a tunnel inside.

"How much is this?!" I asked

"What is it?" She replied?

I looked puzzled, thinking well it is you who is selling it!!

"Oh I know; it's one of those tunnel things, £2.00" she replied

Perfect I thought, paid her and walked off. What a bargain I boosted to the hubby, no need to look any more!

When we got home, hubby rushed outside to show Mollie what I had brought her.

What is this he shouted?

I got outside to find out it was not a tunnel what I was told it was...

It was a ball pool pit!!

Oh well, Mollie loved it and it Keeps all her toys tidy on the garden!!

My eldest son hates it though, "I will pay you £2.00 to chuck it" he told me, haha...

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Mollie In Bakewell..

Mollie causing a big of a stir with the Canadian geese in Bakewell!!

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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Summer Holidays With Mollie...

The summer holidays are going so fast and finding time to share updates on Mollie has been hard work!

We have been so busy doing lots of things, from a walk in the peak district to sunbathing on a beach!!

No Mollie did not like the sea, but she loved digging in the sand!!

Here is a few pictures of our visit to the seaside..

Hope your having lots of holiday fun too ...


Friday, 7 August 2015

A Walk In Bakewell With Mollie..

Last we took Mollie deep into the peaks and up the hills at Bakewell.

Me hubby and 3 of the children had a fun day out walking.

Fresh air and countryside is always a feel good day.

Not to mention fizzy pop and chippy chips at the end of the walk, is always a must!!

After a hours walk I was so temped to grab a seat but the chip shop was calling us..

As we walked into town, Mollie got the attention of lots of people as usual!

 Everybody loves her..

Well not every thing loves her  though.

This Canadian goose did not like Mollie one little bit!!

It was hissing at her..


Mollie On The Beach : Mollie The Border Collie...

Mollie loved the beach last week when we had a few days away.

She liked to play and dig in the sand but she was not to keen on going paddling in the sea!!


Tuesday, 4 August 2015

10 Things I've Learned From A 13 Week Old Sheepdog...

More fun with a puppy!!

On the internet I read that puppy sleep a lot when small.

This one don't!!

She is so scare of missing anything she has a few cat naps a day!!

  1. She love stones. If she can not find any she digs for them. Even finds a stone where you would never think there would be one. No stone is safe. I took one off her the other day the size of an apple!! Really Mollie!!
  2. Her ears have started to stand up. So sweet. One flops one way and the other another. Cute!
  3. She knows how to go under the curtain of the shoe cabinet, pick out my trainers/shoes and sandals. She can have 5 pairs out in seconds!! Mostly mine too, then again I do have the most!
  4. She loves other dogs. The bigger the dog the better for Mollie. Thankfully most dogs she has jumped up to fuss, just look away board with her, though a few have gone for her.
  5. She knows when something is naughty. She gives you a cheeky look then runs like mad with it until you catch her. Then she gives you the butter wouldn't melt look.
  6. Hates going outside for wees and poos in the rain!! Then pretends shes done it, then does one under the kitchen tablet.
  7. That look again, now run as fast as you can upstairs!! See if you can make it into daughters room for a bit on them nice and soft Build a Bears!! Quickly grab her. " Mum did Mollie go in my room?" Er 'croaky voice " No!?!"
  8. Not safe to open the door. Mollie runs as fast as she can down the street then it looks like she would go up to school!!
  9. Not worth walking by cars. Takes forever as she runs after all cars. Just hope they re going the way we need to walk! She try's to round them up and herd them!
  10. Loves going off the lead on the park. Not good when anyone is around but plays lovely on her own in the park. 


Sunday, 2 August 2015

Mollie In Bakewell : Mollie The Border Collie...

I was trying to take a photo of Mollie in Bakewell as I heard something hissing!

I quickly moved us on and found this picture when I got home..


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